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Fallfliesen Wein-Konzept

Quick shop, happier customers

  • Magento 2 Open Source in the latest version
  • Hyvä Frontend for high frontend performance
  • OneStepCheckout as an optimized, well-engineered checkout
  • Individually tailored interfaces to AvERP for the exchange of product, customer, and order data
  • Professional hosting with maxcluster

Uniting B2B and B2C commerce on one platform

The typical customers of Wein-Konzept include wine enthusiasts in gastronomy, specialized trade, and private end customers. Many functions are accessible to all customer groups, but some requirements of the target audiences differ:
Private consumers browse the assortment longer to make well-informed choices. B2B customers primarily focus on an uncomplicated and fast purchasing process that retrieves the data from their last order. Additionally, there is a dedicated area for business customers within the gastronomy sector: After registration, a defined approval workflow verifies the B2B status of the customers. This allows for precisely activating customer-specific prices and tiered pricing. But that's not all! With additional features, we have automated and simplified internal operations: By integrating with the AvERP system, information can seamlessly be exchanged between the Magento shop system and the ERP system. Data such as product information, tiered pricing, stock levels, order data, or gift vouchers are conveniently synchronized between the systems.

Referenz (Vollbild) von Wein-Konzept

On the cutting edge of technology

The Hyvä Frontend has been tailored by us step by step to meet the needs of Wein-Konzept: For instance, we made the external module Friendly Captcha compatible with the shop, ensuring protection against bots.

To enable the Wein-Koncept team to comfortably and swiftly edit the shop's contents, we integrated various solutions. On one hand, both the Pagebuilder and Magento Widgets facilitate an intuitive maintenance of product data.

On the other hand, we also developed a dedicated blog system for this shop: Customers can now quickly filter through topics in the "Magazine" blog and seamlessly browse through the articles. This allows interested readers to promptly find additional information, stay longer as customers on the site, and be encouraged by the blog posts to make further purchases.

However, the customer service of Wein-Konzept has even more to offer: For example, we implemented the third-party system Mailingwork for Newsletters, through which customers can conveniently subscribe. Additionally, the German payment provider Unzer enables customers to make payments easily, and the Google Tag Manager provides data for successful marketing purposes.

Bild von Weinsortimenten von Wein-Konzept
Referenz Vollbild von Wein-Konzept

Long-standing, trustworthy collaboration

Prior to the creation of integer_net, co-founder Andreas von Studnitz worked for Wein-Konzept as a Magento freelancer. Our agency shares the business philosophy of Wein-Konzept, emphasizing quality over quantity. This philosophy serves as a guiding principle for advising the Wein-Konzept team, identifying beneficial measures for the shop. Together, we discuss the necessary steps to achieve their goals. Drawing from our extensive experience, we always find the solution that leads to efficient use of investment and fully meets Wein-Konzept's expectations. We take great pride in the result: For over ten years, our style of collaboration has contributed to the success of Wein-Konzept.

The evolution of Wein-Konzept's shop over time


What else does the store have to offer?

  • Linking categories beyond the standard
    Entities such as wines, winemakers, characteristics, or grape varieties are interconnected and can be edited across pages.
  • Enhanced "Past Orders" feature
    "My Wine Rack" provides customers with a clear overview of their previous orders and suggests newer vintages as follow-up products.
  • Gift vouchers (Amasty Gift Cards)
    Virtual product for download, customizable design, calculation of voucher remaining values.

  • Advanced cart price rules for custom promotional campaigns: For example, bundled products or quantity discounts (Amasty Special Promotions)
  • Automatic data synchronization between Magento 2, Google Merchant, and Google Shopping (MagModules Google Shopping)
  • Various selectable shipping options for enhanced ordering convenience (Matrix Rates)
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