Quality and closeness to the customer

Tamasu Co., Ltd. has been offering high-quality table tennis products under the Butterfly brand since 1950. The know-how for the products comes from the company founder and former Japanese national table tennis player Hikosuke Tamasu, who still lends his name to the company today. The European subsidiary Tamasu Butterfly Europa GmbH is based in Krefeld and is thus only 100 kilometres away from our home town Aachen. We act as the technical partner for their online shop, where you can buy not only first-class table tennis bats which are highly valued by professional players, but also many other products from the world of table tennis.

Modern Design with Typical Hyvä Themes Performance

We have been actively supporting Tamasu Butterfly Europa GmbH since 2019. Our first major joint project was the migration of the shop from Magento 1 to Magento 2. In the process, we implemented widgets in the online shop to ensure that the Butterfly team can make adjustments to the layout and content quickly and flexibly, even without programming skills. We also recently updated the frontend with Hyvä Themes: The performance of the shop is now as fast and exciting as games in professional table tennis!