Tradition and modern life: a perfect match

At Amla Natur, customers can expect a Magento store that is completely dedicated to Ayurveda and has a versatile range of products. Above all, great value is placed on modern quality standards. The Ayurveda Journal was founded so that anyone interested can inform themselves about the multifaceted topic of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Journal runs on Hyvä Themes

Making good use of the multistore concept of Magento, the online store of Ayurveda Journal is managed from the same Magento instance as Amla Natur’s store. The Ayurveda Journal of Ayus Publications is published regularly with a circulation of 30,000 copies. In order to offer customers a pleasant shopping experience, we rebuilt the magazine’s store frontend with Hyvä Themes.

For more information about the Amla Natur, the history of our six-year collaboration and our future joint projects, check out our reference page.