A great start

“Sold out!”. At first it seemed almost surreal. The HyväCamp was sold out after just two days!
What a relief and at the same time a feeling of anticipation because this rapid sell-out confirmed to us what was previously only a guess: It was the right decision to plan this event, now in this difficult time and despite the global political situation. The demand is obviously huge and the community has been waiting for it.


Hyvä event planned for a long time

The launch party of Hyvä Themes in February 2021 already took place online due to the Covid-19 pandemic (Recap of Hyvä Release Party), almost a year later no face-to-face event was possible to celebrate the first “birthday”. Still, we were all looking forward to finally host a really great Hyvä event on site together with the entire community early this summer. It was planned to be a large and spectacular event, including an entertaining evening program in addition to lectures. Finally, we wanted to celebrate Hyvä and have fun together with the community after all these months full of restrictions.


Then suddenly everything was different – the war in Ukraine started

We at integer_net and agreed with the Hyvä team: A loud and cheerful event with a lot of supporting program and party – that didn’t feel right. At first, we were also sceptical whether a community meeting should take place at all. We were initially undecided and there were a number of conversations about the “if” and “how”. integer_net has many connections to Ukraine, we have already reported on it in a previous blog post (War in Ukraine: A Statement from integer_net). In the end, we decided to host a smaller event than initially planned: the Hyvä community should have the opportunity to meet and exchange ideas. Still, we do not want to forget the current situation of our colleagues and many other people in Ukraine. When deciding on this event, we were also guided by the statements of our direct contacts in Ukraine. If the Hyvä community is doing well, there is also a higher demand for developers in Ukraine, which brings important revenue to a country whose economy is severely affected by the war.

HyväCamp will be a quieter event than originally planned and consciously so. We have reduced the number of participants and reduced the supporting program. The focus now is primarily on exchanging ideas and learning from each other.

The Program

The HyväCamp will take place on May 12-13 on the premises of integer_net in Aachen. Together with the team of Hyvä Themes we organize this event.
Our HyväClasses are scheduled for May 12. There will be two-hour expert lectures on technical topics related to Hyvä and Magento.

The topics so far are:
– “Getting started with Hyvä” by Willem Wigman
– “MageWire” by Willem Poortman
– “Cypress” by Peter Jaap Blaakmeer

In addition, there will be a HyväClass by Vinai Kopp, the topic of which is still open. The content of this session will follow the participants’ wishes and suggestions.

In parallel, a CommerceExchange will take place. Here you can discuss predefined topics regarding e-commerce. On the agenda are topics such as:

– “When and how to recommend merchants to opt for Hyvä”
– “Future of Magento” 
– “Beyond Hyvä: Complementary services in your tool kit

On May 13 there will be a hackathon with a BarCamp. On this day, the focus is on fun and learning from each other. Both experts and newcomers are invited to participate and to bring in their expertise.
At the BarCamp, all participants can actively shape the program. The topics are determined by the participants and everyone can incorporate their own ideas and knowledge.

Between the sessions and afterwards, there is plenty of time for catching up, networking and the opportunity to exchange ideas with old and new acquaintances while enjoying a break.

General information about HyväCamp

As already mentioned, the HyväCamp is already sold out, but interested parties are welcome to contact integer_net and be put on a waiting list. Please contact events@integer-net.de by e-mail.
We would like to remind all those who already have a ticket to book accommodation in good time. We recommend the newly opened Motel One in Aachen.

We are looking forward to two exciting days of HyväCamp full of input, new information and knowledge exchange!