Our new Solr module “IntegerNet_Solr” improves the Magento search results a lot: speed, quality and additional features like correction of spelling mistakes. Additionally, it provides a comprehensive autosuggest window containing product suggestions, categories, freely definable attributes and keyword suggestions.

IntegerNet_Solr Autosuggest

IntegerNet_Solr autosuggest window with product, category, attribute and search word suggestions

You can find a full list of all features at our landing page www.integer-net.com/solr-magento/. Also, you can try our Demo Shop and see the documentation.

Let us answer a few questions about the module:

Why have you started a new module? There are existing solutions for using Solr with Magento.

That’s right. We started our own module when two of our customers approached us. One of them already used another Solr module before, and we knew that none of the existing solutions could cover all the requirements. For example, the configurable autosuggest window which is easily adjustable was very important for our customers.

Is the module already running on some live shops?

It is. The first Magento shops started using the module in 2014. Since then, we have continiously improved and extended the module. For example, the module is running on Villeroy & Boch and Polo Motorcycle. If you are interested, have a look at our list of references.

What do I need to run the module?

You will need a Solr Server which hopefully can be provided by your Administrator or your Hosting Provider. Solr itself is free software by Apache. It should be version 4.x, 5.x or 6.x (the newest). The required Solr configuration files are included in the module.

If you are running a Magento Shop of at least version 1.7 (Community Edition) or 1.12 (Enterprise Edition), you are ready to run the module. If you want to change the layout of the search results or of the autosuggest window, a Magento frontend developer will be needed. You won’t need any Solr knowledge to run the module. You can adjust the sequence of the search results from within the Magento backend, see our documentation for details.

The module will check automatically if you entered correct credentials to your Solr server:

IntegerNet_Solr Configuration

IntegerNet_Solr configuration page (excerpt) with status messages

Is the module encrypted?

No. The source code is fully available after you have purchased the module. You can even have access to our GitHub module repository if you’d like to.

Does the module perform any requests to external servers (“calling home”)?

No, only to the Solr server which you configure. You will need a license key which we’ll send to you, but there will be no online checking of the license, monitoring etc.

What’s the price of the module?

It’s 1,200 € for the Community Edition and 1,500 € if you are using the Enterprise Edition of Magento.

How can I buy the module?

Go to www.integer-net.com/solr-magento/prices-and-purchase/ and fill out the form. We will send payment information (by invoice or by paypal) and the module.

Can I test the module before buying?

Yes. Contact us for a demo license. In any case you can get your money back up to 14 days after the purchase without giving any reasons if you are not satisfied.

Who has developed the module?

That’s mainly me, Andreas von Studnitz, Magento Certified Developer from Germany, doing Magento since 2008. My co-workers have helped a lot with that.

Do you have plans for further development?

We have many. The next steps will probably be:

  • Introduce a new type of filter navigation for the search results (eliminating conflicts with other modules which affect the layered navigation)
  • Use the module to display the contents of category pages for better performance
  • Search category and CMS pages and include those into the search results

Since this blog post was originally posted, we have finished this planned feature amongst others:

  • Perform regular monitoring of the Solr server

Will there be a Magento 2 version?

It’s too early to tell, but probably yes.

More information:

Andreas von Studnitz

Author: Andreas von Studnitz

Andreas von Studnitz is a Magento developer and one of the Managing Directors at integer_net. His main areas of interest are backend development, Magento consulting and giving developer trainings. He is a Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus and holds several other Magento certifications for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. Andreas was selected as a Magento Master in 2019 and 2020.

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