MageUC-LogoOn the 7th and 8th of March 2015 the first Magento Unconference took place in Berlin. This concept originally was used in the  PHP world and now found its way into the Magento world. An Un-conference is similar to a “normal” conference, except that the main focus is set more on spontaneity and discussions, making presentations less prepared since the talks are not fixed before the event. At the unconference each participant has the opportunity to propose subjects he would like to tell, talk or learn about. After a voting, the topics are determined and scheduled and the speakers/ moderators are assigned.

There was a broad range of topics: in addition to development-oriented matters with Magento 1 and Magento 2, performance or deployment, there were also non-development-related subjects such as the configuration of taxes with Magento, the organization of round tables in the Magento Community or avoiding burnout.

Schedule from day 1

Schedule from day 1 (Photo by

Schedule from day 2 (Foto by Sascha Michalski)

Schedule from day 2 (Photo by Sascha Michalski)

In contrast to other conferences such as the Meet Magento this leads to more open discussions with a very active audience.

Besides the talks and discussions opportunities to talk to other community members were numerous, starting with the pre-party on friday which took place at the Lindenbräu at Potsdamer Platz. At the “adventure center” where the conference took place various coffee breaks and a perfectly organized evening party with barbecue, fire and music show lead to many interesting conversations.

The unconference had about 100 participants from all over the world with a strong emphasis on Germany and the Netherlands. In addition to a large developer percentage there also were several project managers and shop owners who engaged mainly in the non-technical talks. The atmosphere was very friendly and open at all times.

integer_net was a sponsor of the MageUnconference; six team members were present. We have enjoyed the event very much – especially the good conversations and the open exchange of knowledge were definitely worth the trip. Thanks to the good organization, food and drinks were available at all times. The venue was great (although it was a bit difficult to reach), especially with the sunny spring weather we had. A big thank you to the team around Fabian Blechschmidt for the planning and organization! We are looking forward to the repetition next year.

Andreas von Studnitz

Author: Andreas von Studnitz

Andreas von Studnitz is a Magento developer and one of the Managing Directors at integer_net. His main areas of interest are backend development, Magento consulting and giving developer trainings. He is a Magento 2 Certified Professional Developer Plus and holds several other Magento certifications for both Magento 1 and Magento 2. Andreas was selected as a Magento Master in 2019 and 2020.

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