The time has come again, the MageUnconference is only a few days away. Therefore I want to show you why we will be there for the fifth time and what is so special about this event:

Our team at the MageUnconference 2018

Not an ordinary conference

As the name suggests, the MageUnconference is not a normal conference where speakers and program are set weeks in advance. The Unconference focuses on the exchange and communication among each other. Of course there will still be talks. During the event everyone can get involved and suggest a topic they would like to speak about or know more about. Who will hold the presentation and possibly also the focus of the presentation will be voted on afterwards.

This makes the event something very special. Participants decide for themselves what interests them most and which topics are most relevant to them. If there are more than one speaker proposing the same or a similar topic, there may also be several speakers. If a topic is proposed without a speaker, it can be turned into a discussion with a moderator and experts.

The countdown has begun:








Main sponsor for the fifth time

We think the concept of the MageUnconference is great and that’s why we have been the main sponsor since the very beginning. In our industry, knowledge sharing is essential. According to the motto “Thinking outside the box”, two-way communication and personal exchange foster the understanding and retention of information. Topics that never come to light at a “normal” conference are discussed here. Perspectives that one has never considered before will be conveyed in a relaxed and personal atmosphere.

We’re ready – are you?

We are already looking forward to meeting many friendly faces in Cologne, to learn about various topics and take part in a lively exchange.

To prepare, we have created a little riddle for you:

You are standing on the bank of a river with a wolf, a raccoon and cotton candy and find a tiny boat in which, apart from yourself as a rower, there is only room for one of the three things to go along with you.

So now you are not only standing on the shore, but also facing a big problem: You cannot leave the wolf and the raccoon alone, otherwise one will tear the other apart. The raccoon and the cotton candy should not stay together on the same shore, otherwise the raccoon will eat everything.

How are you going to make sure you all get to the other side unharmed?