Make Magento 2 small again

With version 2.3.0, Magento includes about 200 internal PHP packages (in the "magento" namespace) plus more than a hundred external PHP packages. These numbers have grown a lot in the last few releases, especially with several packages for the GraphQL integration and...

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Mage Unconference 2018 aftermath

On the weekend of 27 and 28 October, Mage Unconference 2018 took place in Cologne, Germany (or Köln for the connoisseurs). Integer_net did not only attend with 10 out of our 12 employees, but for the 4th year in a row, we were a proud main sponsor of the event. A...

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Conference Speaking Checklist

As a somewhat frequent public speaker, I have an internal checklist, besides actual preparation of the presentation. Over time, the list grew longer and longer, as I noticed things at conferences that I would have liked to know in advance. So I’m writing it down to...

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